Welcome to the MSI Gaming Arena 2019!

On the 28th to 29th of September, MSI and ESL One are partnering up to bring the MSI Gaming Arena CS:GO circuit to the Big Apple. Four teams from across the world will get the chance to compete at the MSI Gaming Arena offline finals during ESL One New York, with the Grand Finals taking place on the main stage just before the ESL One Grand Finals. The champion will receive the MSI Gaming Arena trophy, and the lions share of a $60,000.

During July 12 - August 10, you will be able to play in the MSI Gaming Arena 2019 5on5 qualifiers. At the end of the qualifiers, only 1 team from each region will go to visit ESL One New York and play on the main stage as part of the MSI Gaming Arena tournament. We will host qualifiers in the North American, European, CIS and APAC regions.

Each region will feature:

  • 2 open qualifiers - top 4 teams based on points will qualify into the playoffs
  • 1 last chance qualifier - top 2 teams will qualify into the playoffs
  • 2 invited teams to playoffs
  • 1 playoff - only the first placed team will go to ESL One New York.
The qualified teams will have their travel and accommodation covered by the organizers.

Travel information

Please read the important travel information below before scrolling down to go to the qualifiers.

Please do not sign up to the tournament unless you are certain you will be able to attend the main event!

The MSI Gaming Arena 2019 takes place in the United States from September 28-29. To attend the main event you must be able to travel to and stay in the United States for at least September 27 - October 1.

For most players residing outside of the United States this will mean having at least an up to date passport with at least 6 months validity from September and having some kind of visa or visa waiver for the United States and any countries you may need to travel via to reach the United States. If in doubt please check VisaHQ and with your local government.


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