Team Heretics vs. FPL-CTalents
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 Team Heretics
Status: closed
MatchID 37005785
Date Friday 12 July 2019 23:00
Calculated Saturday 13 July 2019 01:32
Map 1 de_inferno
Map 2 de_mirage
Map 3 de_dust2
best_of 3
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2 : 0
Team Heretics wins !


Team Heretics

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Matches of 1/4, 1/2 and third place decider cannot be played on external servers due to HLTV coverage.

Decisive matches (semi-finals and 3rd place decider) may be postponed to the following day if both teams agree to this
We can't play tomorrow, we need to play right now
crosik can we put standin for this bo3 game, or we are supposed to play same
If your opponents agree then yes, you can go for it.
We agree that they can take a standin
Roger. Make sure to add him to the roster now, Maden, and start the veto.
any something he should do , he joined team
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From now, he should be able to join to the server.
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